It is astounding how legal costs can escalate out of all proportion to the nature of a dispute, whether it concerns a claim for compensation or a workplace, business or commercial dispute.

In fact with many disputes this ‘moving to settlement stage’ is never effectively achieved, resulting in matters either ending up with a trial in court or tribunal, or settling on the brink of such a trial or hearing. Mediation can avoid such escalating costs while also providing flexible remedies beyond those which courts and tribunals have the jurisdiction to order.

In addition, ‘deal making mediation’ can assist you when developing your business and in other areas such as international development. Should court or tribunal proceedings be necessary however then we offer an efficient service in pursuing such action in your best interests in employment law, civil and commercial disputes, business law and related issues. Our mediation service can in addition save time as well as the stress of on-going legal proceedings.

Ask yourself this question – what could you better spend the time, effort and money on if the dispute you’ve become embroiled in was to disappear? The opportunity cost of an on-going dispute is usually high for all concerned. We can help you resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time and resources for more constructive and productive endeavours. Mediation also enables the parties to be more directly involved and engaged in the process, in what you want to say and in the outcome of what is after all your case.

The mediation process is more informal and relaxed than court proceedings (which involve more formal rules of procedure and evidence for instance and typically limits your input to witness examination and cross-examination). For legal representatives too mediation offers the opportunity to potentially increase satisfaction levels with clients, including by reducing the duration of a client’s matter and therefore the cost to the client. We can also assist in other areas involving dispute resolution, including for instance in the fields of international relations and development.