At Montecristo LLP we represent a wide range of clients in a variety of circumstances. Generally we charge according to the amount of time spent on a given matter. However, we are often able to offer our client’s fixed-fees in many cases. This will usually include all attendances, written and telephone correspondence and preparation in order to complete the agreed matter to a certain stage.

VAT is charged where applicable for residents of the United Kingdom or European Union (receiving services here).

Our fees do not include disbursements which are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Home Office application, Immigration Health Surcharge (NHS), biometric, HMCTS/court, counsel/barrister, postage, printing, search and expert fees.

Below is a list of of our typical fees for straight-forward, non-complex matters and applications to serve as a general guide, although your matter may vary in terms of complexity and is based on a standard service:

Consultation (typically 1 hour) £150 – £250 + VAT
One-off help £400 + VAT
Visit visa application £500 – £750 + VAT
British citizenship £600 – £1500 + VAT
British citizenship review £1000 – £2500 + VAT
Business immigration advice £750 + VAT
Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (excluding counsel’s fees) £2000 – £3000 + VAT
Appeal to the Upper Tribunal on a point of law (excluding counsel’s fees) £2000 – £3000 + VAT
Judicial review application (excluding counsels fees) £3000 – £4000 + VAT
Family application for entry clearance or leave to remain £1500 + £2000 + VAT
EU Applications £1000 – £1500 + VAT
Asylum application £1000 – £3000 + VAT
Asylum and deportation appeals (excluding counsel’s fees) £2000 – £5000 + VAT
Long Residence application £1000 – £2000 + VAT
Tier 1 (Investor) £8000 – £12000 + VAT
Tier 1 (Start-up), (Innovator), Sole Representative of an Overseas Business £4000 – £8000 + VAT
Tier 2 Sponsor Licence £3000 – £5000 + VAT
Tier 2 (General) worker application £1000 – £1500 + VAT

The above is a non-exhaustive list and does not cover all matters that we will engage with but rather those which are most common.

We will usually accept instalments and/or agree a smaller fixed fee to allow us to deal with a particular part of your case such as submitting an appeal or making representations.

A standard service will usually be where we agree to prepare an application on reasonable notice prior to a given deadline or agreed timescale, although this will also depend on receiving documents and instructions in a timely fashion. It is very difficult due to the impact of Covid-19 to provide accurate timescales for which a decision will be made in a given case.

More complicated matters may attract higher fees. Relevant factors may include the particular immigration history, the number of previous refusals, dependants, the amount of evidence required, the legal points involved and level of urgency.

Occasionally, where the circumstances warrant it and/or it is requested by a client we will agree a higher level of service for which we may agree an increase of our fees. We will sometimes also add administration fees where appropriate to cover the costs for example of photocopying, bundle preparation and document storage.

Where a “fixed-fee” has not been agreed then fees will in principle be charged according to “hourly rates” as follows:

Partner £350 + VAT per hour
Associate £275 + VAT per hour
Solicitor/Legal Executive £250 + VAT per hour
Trainee solicitor/paralegal £150 + VAT per hour