Committee Recommends Changes to the Tier 2 Visa Process

Committee Recommends Changes to the Tier 2 Visa Process

Thursday 16th August 2018
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House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has recently published a new report. In its report,called for the Government to make significant changes to the Tier 2 Visa process as part of its proposal for an improved immigration system for skilled workers post-Brexit.

The Committee recommended that the Government remove the Tier 2 Visa cap, reduce the application cost and review the long-term viability of the shortage occupation list. Here we provide a summary of the Committee's proposals.

Remove the Tier 2 Visa cap

The Tier 2 Visa cap was introduced by the Government in 2011, and is set at 20,700 each year. Since December 2017, the number of applications has exceeded the number of available places each month, resulting in the refusal of thousands of applications from skilled workers wanting to work in the UK.

While the Committee commended the Government's decision to exclude doctors and nurses from the cap in response to this problem, it questioned whether a cap for skilled workers is needed at all. It believes significant improvements could be made to the current system by removing it, including less pressure on the system, less reliance on the shortage occupation list and a lower salary threshold for applicants.

Reduce the application cost

The Committee also highlighted the high application cost for the Tier 2 (General) Visa, as well as the reliance on salary for eligibility, which it believes is prohibitive for certain highly valuable members of the science workforce, including post-doctoral students. To address this problem, the Committee has proposed that the application fee is reduced for both individuals and businesses, and that the focus should shift from applicants' income to their potential contribution to the UK economy.

Review the shortage occupation list

When the Tier 2 cap is reached - which, as noted above, has happened monthly since December 2017 - places are scored using a points-based system, and priority is given to jobs on the shortage occupation list. The Committee urged the Government to review the current use of this list in light of the fact that its reactionary nature means it will always be behind the labour market's most current needs.

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There remains much uncertainty about how the immigration system will work following Brexit, yet much urgency for clarity as the exit date approaches. At these times of uncertainty, it is essential that those who wish to live and work in the UK receive advice from immigration professionals.

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